Looking for a sure-fire way to anger street artists around the world and make a bit of cash on the side? Then look no further… [Warning: Kids, don’t try this at home… err… on the streets]

Revered for it’s colorful graffitied corridors, clever ad-busting, stencils and pastings galore, it’s not news that Berlin is one of the top street art capitals of the world. A relatively cheap city with lower living costs than other major European cities, Berlin lures artists and creatives from all over the world to reside and work indoors, outdoors, everywhere. More often than not, however, the work/money-making situation is the toughest detail to iron out.

Have you found yourself strapped for cash? Looking to get on a few hit/shit-lists? Well then, a.muse berlin has got quite a sweet & delicious job tip for you! You can work at night, the hours are flexible, and the pay may be enough to make you forget you ever had a conscience. Credit must be given where it due, however: this article is 100% inspired by the brilliant crimi-money-making scheme of the “Street Art 4 Sale” site.

So, in four easy steps:

(1) Always Be Prepared: Rummage through the streets and abandoned buildings, hang outside of art exhibitions and parties, and be sure to get extra friendly with curators who are organizing indoor street art exhibitions and festivals. Be sure to always carry a hammer and nails with you, just in case. Keep your eyes open for any artwork that is left unattended or hanging loose. This is your chance. Steal that shit.

(2) Make A Website To Sell The Artwork You’ve Stolen: Simple enough. Ebay, Facebook, whatever.

(3) Fine-tune Your Marketing Skills: Learn from “Street Art 4 Sale” with their brilliant (or rather sketchy – the sketchier the better!) promotion skills – refer to the temporality of street art and why you, as a consumer and art enthusiast, must save it from being vandalized or disposed of by city officials. [Exact text from the site of “Street Art 4 Sale”: “Street Art often seen as a temporary piece of public art can now hang in your home forever. We save Street Art from being vandalized or disposed of by city officials. Make you walls inside look like the walls out side. For prices message me.”]

(4) Watch Your Back: You are, after all, working on the streets and will probably, sooner rather than later, be on the radar of someone who is also working on the street and who you probably owe a shit ton of money too.

Good luck.

[Disclaimer: If you’re actually considering the above, then there’s just no hope for you.]